Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Capron Park Zoo in Winter

Okay, okay, it's technically not winter yet but it sure feels like it today. I wanted to do something fun and outside with Daniel while the other two kids were at school so I thought we would get another use out of our membership and head to the Capron Zoo in Attleboro, MA. When we arrived the temperature was 28 degrees with a "feels like" 21 degrees taking into effect the windchill.

When we got there and there wasn't another soul in sight I started to think maybe I had made a big mistake. It only took a few steps inside the zoo to realize I was actually, unknowingly, a genius. The zoo was GREAT. I had never seen the animals so active before. The animals in both the outside and inside exhibits were rocking. They were awake, running, bouncing, and strutting their stuff for us. Daniel could also run around like a mad man from exhibit to exhibit without being in anyone's way. It was awesome.

So if you're looking for something to do, don't let the cold weather scare you aware from the zoo. We had a blast!

Checking out the lions!

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