Monday, September 14, 2015

That Time I Broke Up With My Dermatologist

To make sure everyone is up to speed: I am as fair as they come, covered head to toe in freckles, and my father died of Melanoma Skin Cancer. I have gone to the dermatologist once a year (sometimes more frequently if they are watching anything on my skin in particular) since I was about 15. In that time, I've had maybe a half a dozen moles removed that looked questionable. Checking my skin and having skin exams has become second nature to me.

Fast forward to about two years ago, I changed my primary care doctor to one who was part of a larger network so it made sense to also change my dermatologist. You know how it goes, easier to share records, billing, blah blah blah. So I went to a new dermatologist and didn't really love him. I went back the following year and again didn't love him. I felt like he could have used a little more bedside manners and personality in general. I told myself when I left there that I'd switch to a different one within the practice before the following year. Of course, time and laziness got in the way so when this appointment came up today with him I just went with it. So after looking at me for maybe 5 minutes he comments that he knows I'm fair, have freckles, and are high risk but that he doesn't feel he needs to see me again. LIKE EVER. Say what? I couldn't believe it. He said to just watch myself and if I noticed anything alarming that I could go back and see him. about the moles on my back that I can't even see at all? And at this appointment alone today, I had two changes that I noticed and pointed out to him. Now I know that I can have my primary care doctor check me out at yearly physicals but still. I'm in shock as to how the whole appointment went down. It goes against everything that every doctor has ever told me!

So anyway, that's my skin update. I plan on talking it over with my PCP next time I see him and going from there. Also, regardless of when I need to go back, I'm definitely going to be getting myself a new dermatologist!

Break ups are hard. Skin cancer is harder.
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