Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy 8th Birthday, Isabelle!!

Today's the big day that Isabelle turns the big EIGHT!!  WOW!!! She had a great pizza, pajama party with her friends here at the house on Friday night. They made "friendship jars," played outside, played party games, and enjoyed pizza, cake, and ice cream while staying up "late" (8pm!). Such a fun night! 

Keeping with tradition, here are the questions I ask the kids each year on their birthdays...

Isabelle's 8th Birthday - 10/27/15

Favorite Color: Pink and Purple
Favorite Show: Spongebob and Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse
Favorite Thing to do Inside: Crafts and Color
Favorite Thing to do Outside: Go on the flip bar 
Favorite Snack: Baby Goldfish and Cheez Its
Favorite Meal: Pizza
Favorite Song: Timber 
Favorite Thing to do with Dadda: Plant seeds in the garden
Favorite Thing to do with Mamma: Go to the store with just Mamma
When I Grow Up I Want to be a: Teacher
If I had lots of money I would buy: A jumbo house with a swimming pool!

We loved checking out her answers from years past this morning and seeing how she's changed (and stayed the same!). You can find her answers from last year HERE and from when she turned six HERE.
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