Thursday, June 7, 2012

All You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Me

I recently was blog tagged by 4 Under 4 Plus 2 and High Heels& Dirty Dishes who are two pretty great bloggers. The idea behind it is that they answer questions about themselves and then “tag” other bloggers to answer questions. The game then continues on with more tagging. Well since I was never very good at the game of tag (hello…that requires running!) I decided to make up my own rules for it. Honestly, if I had stuck to the original rules I never would get this post done. So the lovely 4 Under 4 Plus 2 and High Heels & Dirty Dishes both asked me ten different questions but instead of answering twenty questions (again, I’m a rule breaker!) I chose ten of the twenty and here they are!

  1. If you could have supper with any three people, be they currently living or not, who would you choose? My Dad, My Mom, and My Brother
  2. Why? My father passed away when my brother and I were both babies. My Mom passed away before I reached thirty. I think it would be really cool to eat that family dinner together that we never had a chance to have.
  3. Complete this sentence: The world needs more ______ in order to be a better place. Doers.  There is so much to be done in the world (both big and small) yet very few people who take it upon themselves to get things done. Stop talking about it, stop making excuses, stop putting it off. Just do it (maybe I should work for Nike?).
  4. If you won the lottery, what are the first 3 things you would do? I’d buy a big house with lots of land (for Tim) and lots of space to entertain family and friends (for me). I’d put money away for the children, college, retirement, the future, and all that “fun” stuff. Then I’d travel.
  5. If you had only one day left to live, how would you spend that time? I would spend it at home with my close family. I would play with the kids – really play with them not just half ass. I would listen to them – really listen. I would tell my family that I love them and I would take lots of pictures for them to remember the great day that we had. Having lost both of my parents I know first hand how important it is to have those kind of pictures.
  6. If you had to choose only 3 words to describe yourself, what would those 3 words be? Honest, Thoughtful, Planner
  7. If you had a hired hand to do just one thing for you all of the time, what would their duty be? Clean the bathroom. With two little boys now using the potty the thought of going in there without a Clorox wipe in hand scares me.
  8. List 3 of your guilty pleasures in life. Large amounts of cookie dough, peanut butter by the heaping spoonful, and a Diet Pepsi first thing in the morning.
  9. You’ve been given an all-inclusive trip to one place, anywhere in the world, and could bring 1 guest. Where would you go and who would you take with you? I would go with Tim to Italy. It’s just always somewhere that I’ve wanted to go.
  10. The older I get, the more I ________. Realize how fast time goes by. Didn’t I just graduate high school (15 years ago!)? Didn’t Tim and I just meet (9 years ago!)? Didn’t we just move in to this house (5 years ago!)? Didn’t I just have Daniel (almost 2 years ago)? Didn’t Isabelle just start her first year of preschool (“graduating” next week!)?

So there you have it folks. This is the part where I’m supposed to tag additional people to keep the game going. However, I’m pretty sure we’ve already covered that I’m not good at following the rules so I’m just going to call it a night here. Thanks again 4U4+2 and HH&DD for thinking of me!

Ever try to find a picture of yourself alone? Not easy. Isabelle took this one of me on St. Patty's Day.

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