Monday, January 14, 2013

A Reason to Love Mondays

Another mother from Isabelle's school asked me if I could help her out by driving her son home from school one day a week. The pick up time is 1pm and as most mothers know that is prime nap time for her youngest son. Since I'm already picking up Isabelle it's no problem at all to drop her son off, too. In return she agreed to pick Isabelle up Monday mornings and drive her to school. This is the second week and let me tell you - IT IS HEAVENLY. We now have one morning that I don't have to rush all three kids out the door to get to school (since Henry goes the opposite days).

It's not the getting up, dressed, fed part that drives me batty each morning. It's the actual getting out the door. It's the last minute potty trips. It's the putting on shoes and coats. It's the getting in car seats. It's the things that should take 1 minute but suddenly take 10 when you are on your way to school. Plus, when we get to school I have to drag all of them inside, up the elevator ("It's my turn to push the button." "No, It's MY turn."), down the hall and to the classroom.

Not having to deal with this one day a week? It's the kind of thing that dreams are made of. There are virtual fairies flying around my house sprinkling happy powder today. It is magical.

One kid ready to go!

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