Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 Memory Book: One Month Down!

I read how Smarty Pants Mama made a Memory Box last year for her family and I knew immediately that I wanted to do something similar. Of course, I decided this on 12/31/2012 so I didn't have time to come up with some fancy, awesome box/book. Instead, I decided to just use a notebook that I had laying around for years and no use for.

So since January 1st, I've been writing a couple of sentences about what we've been doing each day. I don't embellish what we've done or try to make it sound like we are living the most awesome life each day, I just write what we did. If possible, I try to include little things like what the kids played with, who they played with, and things that they were excited about during the day (since I know these things will all change over the year).

So here we are today on January 31st and I'm excited to say that I've got each day of January documented. Now, I may have had to fill in a few days at a time after I forgot to do it a couple of times but hey, no one's perfect!

What about you? Do you document your year somehow? It's not too late to start a book like this yourself. After all, who says that it HAS to start in January?!


  1. Damn woman, you're good. I have my daily planner & that's gonna have to do it for me this year LOL.

    1. I've kept my planners from previous years for the exact same reason. I would also write things in them like "Daniel took his first steps today!" so I would remember when things happened!

  2. Isn't a blog enough? I guess not.

  3. I am thrilled to have inspired you!
    The best part is yet to come!
    Next year when you again begin writing your memories you'll get to travel down memory lane!

  4. I'm doing 365 of Logan...and might start in February (tomorrow...guess I better decide) with Evan too.

  5. My wife did the something on each day of each child's first year and those have been great. I have done vacation and Christmas journals and they have been special. I have written a poem capturing my kids life on their 16th birthday and then when they graduate I update it.

  6. You will love this in the future; especially the funny things you capture to remember.


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