Thursday, July 25, 2013

Too Much Fun at Bon Jovi

On Saturday after I finished my first 5K, I prepared for a night of fun with my friend Liz. I had won tickets to see Bon Jovi who happened to be playing in our town. We arrived several hours before the concert started equipped with vodka, chips, pizza, and cookies to tailgate. It was like a dream come true. We spent hours talking, drinking, laughing, and enjoying our kid-free time to the fullest. The concert was great and we really couldn't have asked for a better night.

Upon arriving home the awesomeness of the night hit a speed bump. I realized that I had lost my license and debit card. I had gone into the show empty handed with just my money and card in one pocket and phone in the other. After all when you can get away without bringing a bag, why would you? I was so annoyed because I couldn't figure out how I had lost them. I still had my money and my ticket stub but no cards. I hadn't even used my debit card while there so how did I lose it? After searching the house again to confirm they were gone, I called and cancelled my debit card around 1am.

The next morning I told my husband how I had lost the cards only for him to inform me that Henry found them in the bathroom that morning. Yup, that's right, my four year old easily found what I searched high and low for. In hindsight perhaps I should have put down the bag of chips I was devouring while looking for them.

While I was very excited that they were found I was annoyed that I had (responsibly) already cancelled my debit card. I had envisioned some drunk concert go-er trying to maliciously use the card. Meanwhile, it turned out a drunk concert go-er had just dropped them in her own bathroom.

Here we are about to head into the show (debit card tucked safely in pocket)

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