Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy Birthday, Daniel

Today is my youngest's third birthday. Yup, Daniel is THREE! How is that even possible? For a long time he was known as "Baby D" but those days are long gone. He has suddenly (and what seems like overnight) become a total big kid. He uses the potty, he napped today without his binkies, and he's heading to preschool in the fall. My big kid had a great morning at music class and a pirate-rific party this afternoon with his friends. We're now about to whip up his requested birthday dinner - tacos!

Happy, happy, birthday to my wild and crazy kid who keeps me on my toes and drives me crazy has taught me patience!

Just can't get enough of Daniel? You can check out the story of his arrival to the world HERE and check out his first year in pictures HERE. Where does the time go??
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