Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rexhame, MA Beach Review

The kids and I are working on expanding the list of beaches that we go to this summer.  I had heard good things about Rexhame Beach in Marshfield so we headed there on Monday to check it out. We had a great day and will most likely be heading back. Here is my take on the beach -


Plenty of parking - You do have to pay for it though ($10/weekdays and $15/weekends). I'll gladly pay it though to not have to deal with finding parking and walking forever with the kids and all our gear. The walk from the parking lot to the actual sand where you sit is not too far. 

Food and Drinks Available - We didn't take advantage of it but they do have a snack shack that sells typical beach food, drinks, snacks, ice cream, etc. 

Bathrooms - They have real bathrooms located in the parking lot as well as portapotties located at the beginning of the walk ways to the beach. If you're like my family you'll frequent both of them multiple times. The real bathrooms do only have 2 stalls so they're small but clean. 


No Showers - They don't have a shower area to rinse sand off (unless I just totally missed it and someone please correct me). I just brushed the kids off and changed them in the parking lot so it wasn't a huge deal for us. 

Pro or Con? You Decide.

Rocks - The beach is rocky both on the beach and in the water. We wore our shoes most of the time and it wasn't an issue for us. The kids also enjoyed looking through and collecting the rocks. 

Lots of rocks to explore
Location - Marshfield is not super convenient for me personally to get to. We would have stayed longer but I left at 3:15 to avoid traffic. For us it's route 3, to 93, to 95 which frequently is a nightmare. We hit some stop and go traffic on the trip back so I'm glad we left when we did. The boys were passed out anyway so they didn't care.

Can you find Henry?

A girl could get used to life at the beach
What's your favorite local beach?
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