Sunday, August 25, 2013

Starting off Vacation at Urgent Care

Why is it that kids always manage to get sick on vacation? It's like their bodies know all the time, energy, and money you've invested in having the BEST VACATION EVER and their immune system gives you the middle finger.

The week before vacation Daniel had a minor cold - basically a runny nose for two days and that was it. It really didn't impact us at all although I did fear that the other kids would get sick from it. But what would it matter? It was a MINOR cold. Fast forward to last Friday when we are driving 8 hours away from home and he starts coughing. Still not really a big deal though. Fast forward to the following night though when he's up throughout the night coughing and wheezing like crazy. He has wheezed in the past with colds but nothing to that extent. By Sunday morning the poor kid couldn't even say a sentence without being out of breath and you could hear him breathing from across the room.

So Daniel and I headed out to check out Delaware's finest urgent care clinic. We were literally standing at the door when the nurse came out to unlock it so he was the first patient seen. When we got there his pulse ox was reading between 89-91 (normal should be around 98-100) so we spent a longggggg day there. He had several nebulizer treatments, steroids, and there was talk of admitting him to a local hospital. Ummm...can you say nightmare?!  

Luckily, Daniel was in great spirits even amongst his lack of oxygen. This worked to our advantage when hours later he was bouncing off the walls and singing and dancing in the hallway. His oxygen level was up to 95 and given his appearance (which I think was partially drug induced!) they felt comfortable releasing him. Thank God!

So we were then off to wait a couple of more hours at two different pharmacies to get the medicine and nebulizer machine that he needed. I was almost in tears when the first pharmacist said we would need to go somewhere else (after already waiting 45 minutes). Nothing is ever easy even on vacation. Daniel didn't seem to notice though since he was glued to my iPhone which he's usually not allowed to play with. 

When all was said and done though, a few days of treatment worked wonders for him and we were able to enjoy the rest of our vacation (more to come about it in later posts!). Also, he at least planned his urgent care trip to occur on a rainy day. He's considerate like that. 



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