Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Giving Up and Giving Back for Lent

With Ash Wednesday upon us, I decided that I should give up something for Lent. Since I've been working hard on giving up diet soda (sadness) I've found that I drink more iced coffee (I don't drink hot coffee). I also never make it at home which means I'm spending money at Dunkin Donuts on it. So I decided to give up iced coffee for the next forty days. In order to keep up with my promise I immediately told Isabelle about it this morning. That girl is nothing more than a little police officer disguised in a six year old's body and I will never hear the end of it from her if I give in and get a coffee.

I also briefly described the concept of Lent to her. I think the whole Easter season is tough to explain to kids. I mean Christmas is all "It's Jesus' birthday - yippee!" and Easter is all "He was killed on a cross for everyone to see." It just doesn't have the same kid friendly vibe to it, ya know? Anyway, she said that she wanted to give something up which I think is great. Although, I also think it's difficult for a child to be able to fully understand and give up something that they love for that long. So instead, we decided that she would do a good deed each day during Lent. She's very excited about it and when I told her she could keep a list she was ecstatic.

So today was day one and her first deed is done and documented. I'm looking forward to seeing all the great things she does over the next six weeks. And really I think the concept of GIVING is way more cool than just giving up something. Leave it to Isabelle to outshine my season without iced coffee!
Thank God Jack dropped all the colored pencils today :)

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