Sunday, June 8, 2014

First Fireworks

Yesterday was Founder's Day which celebrates our town's birthday (or...something like that). We started off the day by watching the parade. It was beautiful weather and the kids loved dodging oncoming parade floats to grab stray pieces of candy that were thrown out to the crowd. That's what parades are all about, no? We then walked to the local athletic fields for a day full of games, ice cream, and sunshine. It's always such a great day full of friendly, familiar faces everywhere you turn.

After the celebration, the kids played outside before we headed to a graduation party. The party consisted of more fun in the sun and treats. It was definitely a great day to be a kid. Towards the time we were getting ready to leave the party I told my husband that we should try to go to our town's fireworks. Now mind you, it was already our kids' bedtime (7:15pm), the fireworks weren't even set to start until 9pm, and the kids had been outside ALL day long (aka were going to crash hard soon). So like any sane person, my husband said it was not a good idea. I deep down knew that since I had been saying for weeks that there is no way we would take them. But there was just something about the day - Maybe the beautiful weather? Maybe the fact we were already out late? Maybe...just maybe... the cocktails I had enjoyed at the party? Something made it seem totally do-able.

So we did it. We got home, ran inside (literally), put pajamas on the kids, and headed back to the fields. I think the kids were so excited that they were out so late in their pajamas that they never even thought to complain about the walk. We claimed a spot with our blankets and the kids played until the fireworks started. Then they started - it was the first time any of our kids had seen live fireworks - and it was magical. They all were in such awe. They thought it was absolutely amazing. Henry declared, " They should call them something else like 'awesome works!'" Sitting there on that blanket with my husband and seeing the amazement in the kids' eyes was magnificent. I'm so glad we went. I have no doubt that it will be one of those moments that will stick with me. Life is full of millions of moments and if we're lucky some of them are simply perfect.

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