Tuesday, July 29, 2014

DelCarte Recreation Area - Franklin, MA

The kids and I are always in the market for a new playground and place to hang out. A couple of weeks ago we were driving from the new Norfolk playground to BJs and Siri sent us a way I had never been before. While driving we spied what looked like a super cool playground and I made note of the street we were on in Franklin. I then asked a few friends about it and no one seemed to know anything about it.

So this morning, the kids and I headed out to see if we had imagined this unique looking playground. We hadn't - it totally exists! It's actually the DelCarte Recreation and Conservation Area. Apparently it just received huge renovations (including the new playground) that were finished in June 2014. The playground has a rustic, woodsy feel to blend in with its surroundings plus swings and benches. The kids LOVED it!

The playground is more geared towards older kids (sign said ages 5+) although there were toddlers there enjoying themselves. There's not much shade on the playground though so pack that sunscreen and water. There are also no restrooms (and no porta potties while we were there) so don't go too crazy with the water intake :)

Also, just behind the (fenced in) playground is a pond that could entertain my kids for hours. We walked around just a short part of it and saw tons of fish. The people there right before us had also seen a turtle. There were also walking trails (both short and longer) that we definitely will head back some day to check out.
After we did the playground and checked out the pond we had a picnic lunch at one of the tables they have around the pond. After lunch we headed back for another round at the playground!

We were there for hours and definitely recommend it. It's located on Pleasant Street in Franklin, MA and there is a parking lot right next to the playground. Enjoy!
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