Monday, September 15, 2014

Found: A Nest of Baby Bunnies!

Last Sunday at our church's annual BBQ a baby bunnies' nest was found pretty much AT the entrance to the bouncy house that had been set up. It's a miracle that they weren't immediately trampled. Someone placed a blue crate over it to protect them and that started my obsessive bunny stalking over the last week. I've seriously spent way too much time this past week looking up information about baby bunnies on the internet and just staring at them.

Here they are last Wednesday in the nest:

Adorable or what?
We kept the crate over them during the day (since the nest was on the church/school playground) and took it off at night for the Mamma Bunny to be able to nurse. Did you know that a Mamma Bunny only nurses the babies 1-2 times in a 24 hour period (at night/dawn) and for only 5 minutes at a time. Beyond that the nest is left unattended and the Mamma does her own thing. Luckily, they had Mamma Diane and a few other church workers keeping an eye on them as well.

Here they are Friday morning...

So much bigger in just two days, right?
On Friday afternoon when I picked up Daniel from school, 2 (of the 5) bunnies were out hopping around inside of the crate so I knew they wouldn't stick around for long. So Monday late afternoon, all the kids and I headed back to see them one more time. When we arrived we saw this...

BOOM! My heart exploded
Two of them were out hopping around and super friendly.

Mr. Adorable

This guy even let the kids pet him!
One of them hopped away while we were there - he was ready. By Saturday morning, a friend let me know that the nest was empty. My babies had moved on.

This is where I wanted the post to end but sadly that's not the case. Today, when we got there (yes, between church activities, school, and bunny stalking I am there every day!) one of my bunny friends was found out on the playground who didn't make it. My guess is he was one of the bunnies that was still in the nest Friday afternoon and maybe just wasn't ready/able for life out in the cruel world on his own. So I did what any crazy person would do and I dug a hole and buried him out behind the church. There was talk in the office of just putting him in the dumpster but no way Jose. YOU might throw your dead bunnies in dumpsters or out in the woods but not me. MY dead bunny has a nice rock with a cross on it marking his grave. Yup, that's what I did on my kid-free morning off. I made a nice grave for a dead bunny. What has become of my life?!

BUT let's not end things on a dead bunny note - Let's end them with another adorable picture of his brothers and/or sisters!

Seriously, can you even handle it?!
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