Sunday, December 27, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday, Henry!

Today's the big day - Henry turns seven! He's still as sweet, clueless, and loveable as can be!

Henry and "Teddy" - The #1 item on his Christmas list.

Henry's 7th Birthday - 12/27/2015

Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Show/Movie: Jumanji
Favorite Thing To Do Inside: Play with superheroes and "Teddy"
Favorite Thing To Do Outside: Play firemen
Favorite Snack: Pirate's Booty and Cheez-Its
Favorite Meal: Pancakes, Waffles, and French Toast
Favorite Song: "Stitches" and "Honey, I'm Good"
Favorite Thing To Do With Dadda: Play football
Favorite Thing To Do With Mamma: Go to the theatre
What I Want To Be When I Grow Up: A lifeguard
If I Had Lots of Money I Would: Buy a mansion, go to Great Wolf Lodge, Disney World, and Disney Land.

You can check out Henry's answers from last year HERE and from when he turned five HERE. And if you really feel like heading down Memory Lane, you can check out his birth story HERE.

Happy Birthday, Buddy! We love you!
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