Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just Wait Until...

Last week started the beginning of the madness of every day school drop offs. After one drama filled drop off and one perfect drop off, we are in the groove of constantly coming and going from school. Isabelle goes Monday, Wednesday, Friday while Henry goes Tuesday, Thursday. I’m not going to lie by the end of last week I was spent. Even though we generally keep busy, adjusting to a new schedule can be exhausting. Keeping track of which kid was going which day, which kid needed a snack, which kid needed lunch, which kid needed to bring classroom supplies, which kid needed to be picked up at what time, etc. it was mind boggling. On top of school, add in gymnastics, our weekly scheduled playdates, our MOMS Club activities, plus food shopping, errands, and household chores, it was tiring.

Now I’m not one to generally complain so when anyone would ask how our week went or how school is going I would generally answer with something simple like, “It was good but tiring!” Do you know what just about every.single.person responded to me with? Some variety of: well it doesn’t get any easier, wait until the kids are older, you think it’s bad now wait until xyz, wait until they this, wait until they that.  I find it interesting that everyone finds it necessary to tell me how things are just going to get worse in the future. Is a life of misery really all I have to look forward to?

It really made me think of how we focus on the negative and transmit that back to other people. So from now on, when someone tells me about a tough day they had, a problem they’re having with their child, or any general complaint, I’m going to do my best to just listen and empathize. I’m going to refrain from comparing it to what I’m doing/have done and I’m going to refrain from telling them how the future will be (especially if I think it’s going to be bad). I’m just going to listen because when someone tells you that they are exhausted a kind ear might just be all that they are looking for.

Be afraid - the worst is yet to come.

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