Thursday, November 1, 2012

Great Gift for a Child Who Loves Crafts

Isabelle is a crafter at heart and will happily spend hours coloring, painting, and doing craft projects. She was beyond excited that she received a few craft projects from her recent birthday. Two of them were “color your own” products. Upon opening them she immediately wanted to get to work right away on them. Luckily, I made her wait which came in very hand when we were powerless due to Hurricane Sandy!  

After mean old mommy finally let her do the crafts, she sat for hours coloring the projects and making them perfect. The finished products…

I have a feeling that Santa will be bringing lots of crafts like this for her this year. The Cra Z Art My Look products can be bought at Target (our home away from home). The “make your own” crafts range from around $10-$30 depending on what you’re making. I believe most of them say ages 6+ but Isabelle just turned 5 and she had no problem with it. The markers are permanent though so definitely keep that in mind when purchasing the color your own ones. Of course, Isabelle gets a kick out of being able to use permanent markers so that’s also part of the appeal! She got a duplicate gift for her birthday which she returned and purchased the design and personalize your own Wooden Jewelry Armoire. This girl just can’t get enough.

If you know a little girl who loves crafts you might want to check them out for the upcoming holidays. They’re a big hit here in the Dollops household!

*I received no compensation for this post. Isabelle simply loved these products so I figured I’d share with you!*

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