Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Life In Numbers

33 – The number of years I’ve been alive
7 – The number of towns/cities that I’ve lived in.

1 – The number of siblings I have

12 – The number of siblings my husband has

14 – My favorite number

1 – The number of tattoos that I have

90210 – One of my favorite shows of all time

2- The number of times I’ve been engaged

1 – The number of times I’ve been married

3.5 – The number of months I was engaged to my husband before we said “I do”

52 – Average number of times I check Facebook in a day

12 – The number of months I’ve been blogging

5 – Number of people who live in our house

3 – Number of bedrooms we have in our house

5- The age of my oldest

2 – The age of my youngest

14 – The number of months between my oldest and middle child

19 – The number of months between my middle and youngest child

0 – The number of epidurals/pain meds I received in labor

0 – The number of parents of mine that are still alive

2 – The number of grandparents of mine that are still alive

27 – The number of times a day I wish I had a maid

5 – The number of binkies I let Daniel sleep with each night

10 – The number of books each child needs in their bed at night or they complain (Note: none of them can read)

5 – The number of days per week that I refrain from strangling my children when trying to get out the door to school

9 – The number of times I yell “Stop yelling!” at the children each day

4 – The number of days in a row that I’ve had turkey and stuffing sandwiches for lunch

7 – The number of missing Barbie shoes that roam our house.

27 – The approximate number of Cheerios in our couch cushions

32 –The number of times a day I dream of going to Target alone

27 - Number of times this year I've dressed up in silly costumes and had my picture taken

I’m linking up with Greta at G*Funk*Ified for this post! 

What are your numbers? 

*Photo credit Woven


  1. I love that picture--too cute!! And yes, yes, yes, on the yelling "stop yelling" and the Barbie shoes, and the Facebook checking, and the snacks in the cushions (although here, it's Chex), and the maid and Target wishes. That is AMAZING that you're one of two kids and your husband is one of 13! I bet you two have stories to compare. I'm trying to find words to say about your grandparents and parents, and I can't. I'm so sorry about your parents, and I think you're the only person I've ever heard of that had grandparents but had lost her parents.

    Thank you for joining in, Diane! This was a fun list!

  2. What a great idea for a post :) Who knew you could learn about someone by a series of numbers? And by the way, I totally appreciate the 90210 reference; I am embarrassed to admit that I have seen every single episode multiple times. Plus I rocked Brenda Walsh hair in high school.

    1. I still get excited when I randomly catch re-runs of 90210 on the Soap Network!

  3. Holy crackers!! I thought my hubby had a big family. He's one of 7, but your hubby has him beat by a mile. Imagine having that many babies?

    Oh, and I totally love this idea and may have to "borrow" it sometime in the future.

  4. This was such a fun post!

    I have 9 siblings, and most people think that is a lot! DH only has 1, and he thinks our four are a lot!

    We have three bedrooms, and I've lived in 15 towns/cities (if I counted correctly).

    1. It's funny how much you can learn from someone with just a few numbers! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Thank goodness I am not the only parent who lets their child sleep with multiple binkies! I really enjoyed this post, what a great idea!

  6. 2 the number of times I check your blog a day.


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