Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Life In Numbers

33 – The number of years I’ve been alive
7 – The number of towns/cities that I’ve lived in.

1 – The number of siblings I have

12 – The number of siblings my husband has

14 – My favorite number

1 – The number of tattoos that I have

90210 – One of my favorite shows of all time

2- The number of times I’ve been engaged

1 – The number of times I’ve been married

3.5 – The number of months I was engaged to my husband before we said “I do”

52 – Average number of times I check Facebook in a day

12 – The number of months I’ve been blogging

5 – Number of people who live in our house

3 – Number of bedrooms we have in our house

5- The age of my oldest

2 – The age of my youngest

14 – The number of months between my oldest and middle child

19 – The number of months between my middle and youngest child

0 – The number of epidurals/pain meds I received in labor

0 – The number of parents of mine that are still alive

2 – The number of grandparents of mine that are still alive

27 – The number of times a day I wish I had a maid

5 – The number of binkies I let Daniel sleep with each night

10 – The number of books each child needs in their bed at night or they complain (Note: none of them can read)

5 – The number of days per week that I refrain from strangling my children when trying to get out the door to school

9 – The number of times I yell “Stop yelling!” at the children each day

4 – The number of days in a row that I’ve had turkey and stuffing sandwiches for lunch

7 – The number of missing Barbie shoes that roam our house.

27 – The approximate number of Cheerios in our couch cushions

32 –The number of times a day I dream of going to Target alone

27 - Number of times this year I've dressed up in silly costumes and had my picture taken

I’m linking up with Greta at G*Funk*Ified for this post! 

What are your numbers? 

*Photo credit Woven
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