Sunday, March 24, 2013

Crock-Pot Freezer Meals

I've written before how I 'm not great at having meals planned ahead for dinner time.  Sometimes we have really busy days and I don't have time to make a nice meal. And honestly, sometimes I'm just lazy and don't want to. So when an acquaintance posted on her Facebook page that she was looking for a partner to do some make ahead freezer meals with I jumped at the opportunity. Now I had only met Allison twice before but she didn't flinch when I asked to join her (well not openly anyway!). She also happens to be the wife of a fellow blogger (that you can check out HERE) so from reading his blog I did feel like I knew her pretty well already.

So on Saturday, I headed out solo to pretty much a stranger's house to spend the day cooking. But I am happy to report that Allison is AWESOME. She planned the menu and did all the shopping for her, me, and another friend of hers that was participating as well. Amazing, huh? I did bring with me some tulips and black jelly beans (gag!) to help win her over. So the three of us got to work washing, peeling, and chopping veggies and getting everything all set up. Once it was "go" time we filled Ziploc freezer bags with each ingredient from the recipes.

Allison had also pre-written the name of the dish and the cooking instructions on each bag. Seriously, I love her. So at the end of the day I left with twelve meals (including beef, chicken, and pork) all set and ready for the crock pot whenever I choose.

I am seriously so psyched that I had someone to kind of push me in to this because I never would have spent an afternoon on my own doing this. Now that I have had practice though it's totally something I would do again. I look forward to trying out the meals and not having to rifle through the cabinets at 4:30pm again for a while!

Dinner, anyone?

UPDATE: On April 11th I posted the chicken recipes. Click HERE to find them!


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    1. Maybe if I get my act together I'll do a post with the recipes someday!

  2. I do this with a couple recipes. Love it! I make 2 batches of each meal. I can give you the recipes if you'd like.

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  4. I'd also love some recipes. :) Then another freezer to store the stuff in. :)

  5. Who is this Allison and how can I be her friend too? :)

  6. Genius! I'd totally tag along and steal some baggies.

  7. Thanks for these! I found this post from Pinterest. Yay! We are making the chicken ones this week. Did you ever post the beef/pork ones? Or know where I can find the ones you used? I am pretty new to freezer cooking, myself, and so far, I seriously love anything I can throw in the crock pot. :)

    1. I actually never got around to posting the beef/pork ones - sorry! You can definitely find some good ones on Pinterest though. Enjoy!


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