Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Rut

I was doing really well with eating healthy and working out and then something happened on Thursday. Something big happened. Okay, okay, nothing ACTUALLY happened, I just hit a mental block. I found myself popping excessive amounts of Goldfish in my mouth. I had a (delicious) martini rimmed with sugar with dinner. It was a "bad" day but that's okay. I would never be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle if I didn't treat myself to things on occasion. Friday would be a better day - except it wasn't. I skipped boot camp. Saturday was no better and by Sunday, I was washing down chips and pizza with Stoli Raz. I didn't even set the alarm to exercise yesterday since I knew it wouldn't happen. Then last night I had a Board meeting for my MOMS Club and I was basically the most Negative Nelly ever. We were talking about things like disabled people, animals in need, and small children and I was being a total grouch about it. I'm pretty sure puppies were crying in Heaven when they heard my comments last night.

So I KNEW that I had to get back to working out this morning. It makes such a difference with my mental state. So even though I didn't head to bed until midnight I still got up with the alarm at 4:46am (because 4:46 is mentally much later than 4:45am!) and went to boot camp. So now I'm back and feeling good. I also got my prize today for winning the photo contest which is pretty cool.

A PINK hoodie (my fave!), a jump rope, and a coupon for future classes. Side note: I bought Isabelle a jump rope recently and showed her how to use it. She took one look at me doing it and said, "I think you need more practice with that." Burn! 
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