Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mantra: I Will NOT Eat My Kids' Leftovers

I will not eat my kids' leftovers. It's my new mantra. I need to repeat it 25,000 times a day. 

As we know, I started boot camp classes in April. I say "as we know" because I'm pretty sure everyone has heard me complain about it at least once! Truth be told though I do actually enjoy it. I never in a million years thought that I would but I do. I am feeling stronger and definitely in much better shape than arguably I have ever been. The problem is I have not lost as much weight/inches in my stomach/thighs/butt area. I was hoping exercise alone would do the trick (considering I was not doing any exercise before) but that doesn't seem to be the case. 

So now I'm thinking about food. I don't have the most healthy diet in the world but I definitely don't have the worst either. I know that I don't eat as much fruits and vegetables as I should. I also know that I don't regularly eat fast food or junk food in general. I don't buy junk because if I did I know I would eat it all. I choose not to keep it in the house. Of course, I sometimes eat an entire bowl of buffalo chicken dip at a party (I did that Friday night). 

Overall though, my diet is not that bad. The problem is that I've realized I have become a human compost for the kids' food. Oh, Henry didn't eat those 5 goldfish - I'll eat them. Oh, Isabelle doesn't like crusts on her sandwich - I'll eat them. Oh, the kids want Pirate's Booty - a bowl for each of them and 3 handfuls for me. I'm not even hungry. It's just habit. So over the past week I've made a conscience decision to stop doing this. I can't even tell you how many times I caught myself about to throw scraps of food in my mouth. I knew I had been doing it but just never realized quite how much. So that's my new thing - I will not eat kid leftovers. I will put them in the compost and not think twice about it. Note: This is easier said than done!

This morning's boot camp was muggy and buggy - ick.
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