Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Will I Ever Exercise Again?

This past week has kicked my butt. Actually, I guess it hasn't kicked my butt which is the real problem. Between a holiday last week, a snow storm, me being sick, and alternating sick kids, I haven't exercised in a week. The week before that was also pretty weak. Some days I've had the best of intentions with alarms set but have either woken up feeling like death warmed over or been up with a sick kid all night. Either way at that point you can be sure that the alarm was immediately turned off at 4:45am and I rolled back over. Now lots of people exercise at all different times of the day but I know that if I don't get up for boot camp then I will not work out that day. It's just how I am. I've tried to change it but it doesn't work. For me, it's first thing in the morning or never. So there have been a lot of "nevers" lately. I also find it hard to be motivated in the winter just to get in activity during the day. There's generally no trips to the park and outside time involves snow pants and icicles (shudder!). I'm longing for spring already.

BUT tomorrow is my day. We are all feeling good here, there's no snow in the forecast, and I am out of excuses. So tomorrow I will get up and work out. I'm declaring it here so that if I don't you can all call me out on it. You could even come by and beat me up. I'm weak from inactivity so I'm sure you'll all be able to take me.
My workout clothes have been on the couch for a week - longing to be used and abused.

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