Monday, February 3, 2014

My Project of the Day: The Piano

A friend of mine was recently telling me how she had convinced her husband to get a piano. It reminded me of the same scenario that happened at our house only the roles were reversed. We were made aware of a free piano and my husband was dying to get it. Our house is small and made only smaller by our ever growing children so the last thing I thought we needed was a piano. However, he really wanted it and I'm not opposed to the whole music thing so we took it. A couple years and two broken keys later (thanks to Daniel the Demon), and this is what the piano looks like:

The Piano Dumping Ground
In our defense, no one in the house can actually play the piano and it's so convenient to keep it shut and load the junk up on it. Inspired by my friend though, I decided to tackle the piano today. I now give you our new and improved piano:

Care to play a tune?
Please note, I added the picture frames so that it's not so easy for us to just throw stuff on. The boys are psyched that it's open and they've been banging on it playing it all day. I'm excited at the thought of one less part of our house looking like a pigsty. Woo hoo!
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