Monday, February 24, 2014

Marvelous Monday!

Wondering why it's marvelous? Well the sun was up when I left bootcamp this morning which is something I haven't seen in a LONG time. So even though the temps are dropping today I know that the glimpse of sunshine means that spring is on it's way. Woo hoo!

Today is also the kids first day back at school after a week off for February vacation. Wondering what we were up to over vaca?

Well my husband ran a race the day after a big snow storm. Yup, he's crazy. The kids were psyched to play in the snow on the sidelines though and cheer him on.

Tim and his cheerleaders
I spent a night teaching Isabelle how to blow bubbles with gum. She was in her glory and I was completely grossed out by the amount of drool and gum spitting out that's involved when learning. Eww.

The kids have been building more and more with Legos and even made their own good cop/bad cop courtesy of inspiration from The Lego Movie!

Good Cop
Isabelle enjoyed several sleepovers in the boys' room. The first night she slept in a sleeping bag on the floor but the next time she decided to join Henry up on the top bunk. They did surprisingly well up there together!

Plenty of room for all!
Beyond that we had lots of playdates, saw family members we hadn't seen in a while, and went to a birthday party at Monster Mini Golf. I also had a cavity free dentist appointment and we welcomed a new pastor to our church. All in all a great week (I'm blacking out the constant bickering between the three kids when we were home).

Hope everyone had a great week and are starting off the new week right!
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