Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Henry's First Red Sox Game

Earlier this summer, Isabelle went to her first Red Sox game and wanted to document every little thing about it. On Saturday, Henry (age 5) went to his first game with my husband along with our friends and their little girl. Since I enjoyed Isabelle's summary so much I asked Henry how his experience was. Here are the details of his first game in his words:

"We got ice cream and a soft pretzel. Rory got cotton candy and she shared it with me. I saw a grand slam. They played "God Bless America." It was a long drive and kind of a long walk there. The Red Sox won and they did a good job. I love the Red Sox and the Red Sox are cool!"

So there you have it - two successful first Red Sox games in the books! I love how the two kids memories are different - much like their personalities. You can read Isabelle's post HERE if you missed it. Go Red Sox!

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