Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Isabelle's First Red Sox Game

Last week, my husband took our six year old daughter, Isabelle, to her first Red Sox game. It was one of those notorious April days full of rain and raw, coldness. Luckily, the rain stopped and the excitement of the experience kept her warm that night.

The next day, she wanted to document every.single.thing that they did. It's clear we are related, right? So per her request, I wrote down her experience word for word. So without further ado, here is Isabelle's take on her first Red Sox game:

"Me and Dadda got in the car. We drove, and drove, and drove until we parked at the King's parking garage in Boston. We went up floors 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and then we parked on 6. Then we walked down all the stairs until we got to floor one. Then we walked on the sidewalk and crossed the street. Then we went to "Woody's Restaurant" where we met Jeff and Dadda's other friends. Me and Dadda drank big glasses of water. I got a kid cup of orange juice. We ate cheese pizza and then walked to Fenway Park. We showed the guy our tickets and the guy used a scanning wand on Dadda to make sure Dadda didn't have anything he wasn't supposed to. Then we pushed through the spin-ny thing with our hands. Then we walked up to our seats and saw where they were. Dadda took pictures of me close to the field. Then I got an ice cream that was half vanilla and half chocolate swirled. Then we got napkins and sat down at a table. I gave Dadda a bite of my ice cream. I got to keep the baseball cup that it was in. Then we went to our seats and watched the guy who won the marathon throw the first pitch. Then we watched, and watched, and watched the game. Then Dadda got hot chocolate and I had a few sips. I sat on Dadda's lap and then we left. Then we rode in a carriage with a bike on it and the guy pedaled on it. He took us back to the King's garage. We went inside and took the elevator back up to our car. I had a fun night and I liked it. I want to do it again with Dadda!"

Clearly, she was super into the actual baseball game and not just focused on food and drinks ;) Like mother, like daughter!

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