Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Spartan Race Recap

On Saturday, I joined a group of friends and fellow boot campers to take part in a Spartan 5K at Fenway Park. Let me tell you - it was pretty gosh darn awesome! It was a bit chilly but once we got going we were fine. There were a bunch of obstacles and events including stair climbing, weight lifting, monkey bars, burpees, weight pulls, spear throws, jump roping (and climbing), and wall climbing. We got views of Fenway Park that were to die for. We did pushups in the visiting team's locker room. We ran through dug outs and Green Monster seats. We climbed a cargo net from the field to the bleachers. It was Fenway like I'd never seen it before.

Crawling up the ramps under ropes

Weighted Ball Slams

50# sandbag pulls

Wall climbing
Those wall climbs totally did me in. I assume that if you are tall and have great upper body strength they are easier for you. I am 0-0 for both of those and the picture above is one of the smaller walls (crazy, right?). Now my legs may never return to their normal color but I made it up and over every one of those suckers. The bruises just make me feel more bad ass :)

So all in all the day was awesome. There were laughs, there were grunts, there was teamwork, and there was a GREAT sense of accomplishment. We all left that day feeling like we could do just about anything!
Loving life (and the race wasn't even over yet!)
Oh and as always, giving credit where credit is due, my boot camp instructor Carrie is one of the reasons that I was able to accomplish this. She keeps me (relatively!) in shape and honest. If you are local to the Foxboro, MA area join us for some bright and early work outs. Find out more about The Extreme Challenge Boot Camp HERE!
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