Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Most Thoughtful Present Ever

On Saturday night, some of my amazing blogger friends had a surprise, early birthday dinner for me. As if co-planning the big night wasn't enough my friend, Kim, gave me THE MOST special and thoughtful gift. For those of you who attended Listen To Your Mother this year or read my piece, you know how important a specific spool of string and toothpicks are to me. If you missed the piece be sure to click HERE to read it before continuing on this post. Also, if you missed last week's piece about giving Isabelle my old doll house check that post  out HERE. You're going to want to be up to speed on those posts before I show you the present. Go ahead, I'll give you a minute..

Okay, everyone ready? I present to you my birthday present...

That's right - it's exact replicas of the string and toothpicks in miniature form. Here they are with their real life counterparts...

Can you even stand it?! Kim found an amazing woman named Roxanne of Baking in Miniature who created these pieces for me. I mean the snowman bag? Incredible. This is so, so special to me. Also, Roxanne saw my post about Isabelle's upcoming birthday and sent along several dollhouse pieces/accessories as a present for her. I don't even know Roxanne but I love her a whole ton.

My birthday isn't for two weeks but I'm already declaring this the best present. I mean, how could anyone top this? A HUGE thank you to Kim and Roxanne for thinking of and creating such a special keepsake. So amazing.


  1. :) no words - just a lot of love!

  2. This made me tear up at the party, and again now. I just shared it in the national LTYM group. I love it so, so much.

  3. So basically this dollhouse has to stay up in your house forever and ever amen. My goodness.

  4. This is so lovely. You two are so...lovely :-)

  5. Kim is a kick-ass friend. I mean, I just. I'll never get over this gift. AMAZING. xoxo Happy birthday Diane! What did Isabelle think of it? And did you decide what you'll do with all the other amazing little things?

  6. Love this - and so happy I got to see you open this amazing gift. Kim rocks :) Happy early birthday!


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