Friday, February 13, 2015

Five Picture Friday: Week 2

Last week, I started a new series called Five Picture Friday where I post the last five pictures taken from my iPhone. If you missed last week's you can check it out HERE!

Before I start on this week's though I'd like to provide an update picture:

 Update: Henry and my fixed coat!

All smiles this time
Last week, I posted a picture of my ripped coat and Henry (on command) making a super sad face. This week I sewed the coat and we reenacted the pose (in an Iron Man costume).

So now that we've got our updates out of the way, here are this weeks pics!

Picture #1: My beloved Madge Rosilnda

Madge is my first Cabbage Patch Doll that I got when I was 4 years old. My mother waited outside a toy store and grabbed her off a truck for me when they were first all the rage. I walked in to my room this week to find that Daniel had set up this nice little bed for her.

Picture #2: Isabelle and a mountain of snow

Sooooo it's pretty much been snowing here non stop I feel like for 2 weeks - maybe 3. Who can even keep track anymore? This is our driveway and the snow mounds are so high you can't even see to back out. It's like this everywhere around here. There's just no where else to put the snow. It should be extra interesting after this weekend since we're expected to get about another foot of snow. 

Picture #3: DJ Drummer Daniel

Daniel kept busy making a drum set the other day. Empty peanut cans never sounded so good.

Picture #4: Me

Daniel asked if he could take my picture and who am I to say no? The blur adds to the effect of it.

Picture #5: Henry getting ready for a day of love

This is his "kissy face"
This kid - it doesn't get much better than him. This was before he headed off to school today. Chance of the glasses making it back home with him? 30%

There you have it, my last five pics. Come back next week to see what else I'm snapping!
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