Friday, February 20, 2015

Five Picture Friday: Week 3

In case you haven't been following along, Five Picture Friday is where I post the last 5 pictures taken on my phone. It's a great way to take a look back at pictures I take on the fly and a way to share tidbits of my life with you. Hope you enjoy!

Picture #1: The Kids at Gilette Stadium

We live just a couple of miles from the home of the Patriots so we often head there for shopping, movies, dining, etc. This day the wind was SO cold but there's always time for a picture. As usual, not all kids are looking but at least Daniel's doing a pose and not a mad face!

Picture #2: Henry and Hannah

"I'm not with him."
We met friends yesterday at a McDonald's play place for some fun. I love Henry's pose and the look on his friend's face. Ha!

Picture #3: Rock Salt and Knee Highs

To anyone surviving a harsh winter, this picture needs no explanation. To those not, you fill the pantyhose with ice melt and throw them on your roof to help with ice dams/roof leaking. I picked these up yesterday and texted this pic to my hubs with the caption "Winter Porn."

Picture #4: Icicle Fun

Daniel and Isabelle kept me company while I shoveled off our deck yesterday. Note that large pile of snow to the left of Daniel that I needed to tackle. They enjoyed playing with icicles and wading through 6 feet of snow around the yard.

Picture #5: Broken Shovel

Two hours in on Operation Deck Clear, I broke the only good shovel that we have left. On the plus side though look at the progress I had made with the snow! Isabelle kept saying, "Dadda is going to be SO mad that you broke his shovel" so we texted this picture to him. Bad news: More snow is coming this weekend and hearty shovels are hard to come by around here given the winter we've had. Good news: Like always, Amazon has anything I could ever need so this new friend is arriving here Saturday.

There you go, another week come and gone. Have a great (and hopefully leak free!) weekend!

PS - If you missed last week's picture post you can find it HERE!
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