Friday, February 6, 2015

Five Picture Friday: Week 1

Like most people, I take a lot of random pictures with my phone. Some pictures are of important things, some are silly, and some are accidental pictures of my feet. I was scrolling through some of them last night though and realized that I often never really look at them again once I take them. So I decided that I would start a new series this week called "Five Picture Friday" where I post the last 5 pictures from my phone's camera roll each week. I promise that they will be the last 5 whether they are beautiful, ugly, boring, or incriminating. Who knows what we might see? So here we go...

Picture #1: A Reese's Peanut Butter Heart

I picked up that bad boy while running errands yesterday and needed to post a picture of it to make all my friends jealous. It's what anyone would do.

Picture #2: Holey Jeans

My friend Kim was recently discussing how her son always has holes in his pants. We suffer from the same epidemic at our house so I snapped this pic and sent it along to her letting her know that I was thinking of her.

Picture #3: The Weather Forecast

I mainly took the weather pic just to complain about snow on Instagram.

Picture #4: A picture of the EB Police Department FB Status Update

I'm from good old East Bridgewater and sadly they are having a really tough time with drugs recently. My brother still lives there as well and he and I were texting about it. No matter where you go, your hometown always has a spot in your heart and it's sad to hear news like this.

Picture #5: Henry and my coat

Last night I looked down to see that my North Face coat had a large rip in it. I've had the coat for over 10 years so I've definitely got my money's worth out of it (and I even bought it at an outlet). However, I was still bummed about it. I told Henry to make a super sad face and we then texted this pic to my friend who was with me when I bought the coat.

So there you have it, my last five iPhone pictures. Interesting that each of the 5 pictures I took to either text to someone or post on social media. What's that say about me? Hmmm....
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