Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Daniel's First Red Sox Game!

Last year, my husband took both Isabelle and Henry to their first Red Sox games. Since then, Daniel has been asking when he could go. So this past Saturday was the big day. We surprised him with tickets to the game and the result was...less than amazing! According to my husband, Daniel pretty much complained the whole time which led them to only staying at the game for about an hour. The results are not really that shocking considering he's only 4 and a half and never been a sit still for long kind of kid. I did think the excitement of the game and the junky food would be enough to have him last more than an hour but what do I know? The following day, I gave him an empty ketchup bottle full of water and let him make mud in the yard and it was pretty much the best day of his life. Go figure.

When he got home from the game, the other kids and I acted really surprised and excited when he told us where he went so I think he caught on that it was kind of a big deal. So if you ask him now, he tells it like it was a great day which is hopefully how he'll remember it. My husband, on the other hand, will always know the truth!

Like the other kids, I asked Daniel to tell me about his big day. This is his retelling of the trip:

"Someone got a home run. I got a bagel. I got a Gatorade. I went with Dadda. I got ice cream. It was vanilla and chocolate with sprinkles. The grey team got three strikes."

Want to see what the other two thought of their games? You can read Isabelle's story HERE and Henry's story HERE.

Goooooooooooooo Red Sox!
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