Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pierced Ears!

A week or two ago, Isabelle (age 7) mentioned that she'd like to get her ears pierced. This was quite the change since she had previously said she never wanted to get it done since she was afraid it would hurt. She is my worst shot-getter and constantly in need of band-aids so I figured it would take her a lot longer to come around on the whole ear piercing thing. However, yesterday some what on a whim, she got them pierced!
We were out running errands and happened to be next door to a Claire's so I told her would could go in and find out about it if she wanted. She immediately said yes and then once we were in there I figured we might as well go for it. There was only one woman working in the store though so there was a bit of a wait which made Isabelle's nerves creep up and some tears were shed. Nothing crazy though and better than I thought she would do. They hurt her for about 15 minutes after the piercing (which I had forgotten would happen) but since then she's been fine. She doesn't love cleaning them (which I had also forgotten what a pain that was!) but she's so excited to have them pierced. Total big kid stuff!
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