Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer Fun List 2015

Keeping with tradition, the kids and I came up with our 2015 Summer Fun List. I try to keep us as grounded in the list as possible and veer them towards activities that we would most likely do anyway over the summer. I mean come on now, keeping 3 kids alive and occupied all summer should be an accomplishment in and of itself, no need to add on too many crazy expectations!

Here is what we'll be up to this summer...

Thies Family Summer Fun List
  1. Go to a library in another town
  2. Have Taco Night outside
  3. Go to a baseball game
  4. Have ice cream for lunch
  5. Get slushies
  6. Go to the zoo
  7. Go on vacation
  8. Go to the beach
  9. Have a sleepover in Mamma and Dadda's Room
  10. Bake brownies and the eat them outside
  11. Have a lemonade tea party
  12. Play football in the backyard
  13. Go to Ward's Berry Farm
  14. Go to an outdoor movie
  15. Go to Friendly's
  16. Have a picnic
  17. Take a walk at Borderland State Park
  18. Swim in a pool
  19. Set up the kiddie pool under the slide
  20. Have playdates
  21. Play tag with Dadda
  22. Go on a bug hunt
  23. Look at the stars at night
  24. Make s'mores
  25. Read lots of books
  26. Go to the bike path
  27. Go mini golfing
  28. Go to a cook out
  29. Have a pajama day
  30. Eat pizza outside
  31. Go bowling
  32. See Uncle Dan
(Declined Suggestion: Get a dog)

We can't wait to start checking things off. Isabelle and I love us some lists!

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