Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dead of Night Ghost Tours, Plymouth MA

Last night, a group of girlfriends and I headed out (kid free!!) for a night of spooky fun with the Dead of Night Ghost Tours in Plymouth, MA. We met up with our tour guide at the hearse (yes, hearse!), grabbed our lantern, and hit the streets of Plymouth for a ninety minute walking tour. Of course, it was the coldest night of the year so far so we were decked out in winter coats, hats, scarves, and gloves. Brrr! Now I’m not really in to the whole ghost thing. I don’t really not believe in it, I just don’t think too much of it at all. That being said, I really enjoyed the tour.

The tour guide gave us tons of information about the first Pilgrim settlers, traditions at the time, and other historical facts. We saw the first street in America, the location of the first fort, and where they now keep the bones of the Pilgrims that they had (accidentally) dug up while building a park. So even if paranormal activity isn’t your thing the tour is still really informative. The tour guide also had a knack for storytelling. After all, even if you didn’t believe that Hannah was haunting the graveyard. You still got to hear how she was cursed because she was kissing a boy who was engaged to another young woman. Who doesn’t love a good scandalous story like that?  My favorite fun fact of the night was that the two things the settlers were afraid of most were people who had been cursed and red heads. Smart people.

Of course, everyone’s top question when you go on a ghost tour is, “Did you see any ghosts??” My answer is no. Now that being said, there was a window shade in a building that moved that some people believed was the spirit who haunts the building. I tend to think it was a drafty window or a heater nearby. Whenever you’re dealing with anything like this it’s definitely open for interpretation so people are free to believe whatever they want. I liked that the guide wasn’t trying to convince anyone of anything. She simply told the stories, told things that had happened in the past, and left people to believe/see what they wanted. I personally did not find the tour scary at all. On the flip side, some people think it’s super-duper scary and creepy – again, it’s all open for interpretation.

So if you’re looking for something a little different to do, you should check out a tour. We did the Twilight Lantern Ghost Tour but they have a few different ones on their site that you can pick from. Make sure to reserve tickets in advance (have to actually pay in cash night of) since they do sell out. In addition to walking there is also a lot of stair climbing and walking on dark paths in the cemetery so make sure you only bring people with you who can handle that kind of activity (definitely not handicap friendly). 

If you do go let me know what you think!

Is that a street light behind me or a ghost? I'll let you decide.

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