Google Dollops of Diane: Healthy Kids Summit at Gilette Stadium

Monday, October 22, 2012

Healthy Kids Summit at Gilette Stadium

Today the kids and I had the opportunity to attend Stop and Shop's Healthy Kids Summit at Gilette Stadium. The event is designed to inspire parents and children about the importance of nutrition, exercise, and a balanced lifestyle. Let me just say, it was AWESOME. Stop and Shop partnered with the Hockomock Area YMCA to share advice, suggestions, and perspective on how we can come together to keep kids healthy. It was fun, informative, and at an amazing location. After listening to a panel of experts, including the Patriot's own Patrick Chung, we were allowed ON THE FIELD. They had an obstacle course set up for the kids, a game of tag, and the kids could practice their field goal kicks. Atfer some exercise outside, they then brought us inside to enjoy some healthy snacks and a mini health fair. It was a great time for all of us! Thank you, Stop and Shop!!

They're going to let us on the field?!
Just hanging out on the field!
Our football player in the making
Isabelle perfecting her field goal kick
Daniel and his bud Patrick Chung
I'm not gonna lie, it felt pretty cool standing here.


  1. Love it!!! Great pics. So sorry we missed it and didn't get to hang today!

  2. Wicked cool! I thought about attending, but felt funny since both of my kids are in school now :)

  3. Healthy kids summit? Yeah. Sadly, we wouldn't be allowed past the front gate.

    Nutella Mom


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