Monday, October 1, 2012

Where Are All the Short Jeans?

Yesterday, I went shopping for jeans. In case you missed my updates on Facebook, it did not go well. I am a proud shorty who comes in at 5’2” AND A HALF. I honestly don’t ever think of my height except when I am shopping for clothes. I always go right to the “short” lengths – if a pant doesn’t come in short then I don’t even bother looking at it. Clearly, jeans/pants manufacturers have a different idea of what short is because the short style pants are still way too long for me. I find it so frustrating.

Based on my extensive internet research (of Googling it and then reading the top two hits), it appears that all the short people in America are buying jeans and then having them hemmed. Really? Is this what I need to do? Who has time for that added inconvenience? Instead, I’m just going to keep complaining about it and inevitably cuffing my pants. Sigh.

Well when all was said and done, I did come home with one pair of jeans so I thought I would share them with you. These are Old Navy Sweetheart Style Boot Cut Jeans in Short…

Still too long but this is always about as good as I get.

Oh, and I picked up this new fleece for $15 at Target that I’m pretty excited about.


  1. Why did you not ask me about jeans when you saw me?? Old Navy is good. Old Navy online - even better, once you find the fit you like.

    I know where all the cute short jeans are!

  2. Old Navy Sweetheart in short are the only ones I can find to fit too! At 5' 1/2" it's really tough to find jeans that fit.

  3. I always have a hard time finding jeans, too! I'm 5'3"...and 3/8ths. ;) So, the 'short's are usually too short, but the regulars are too long! What's a girl to do?! (Well, besides hemming, 'cause I'm with you...who has time or money for that?!)

  4. I also approve of the Old Navy Sweetheart. I'm waiting until I can fit back into mine again!

  5. Maybe they'll hire me to be the new Old Navy Spokesperson. I know they've got the whole 90210 and Backstreet Boys thing going on but who wouldn't want to see Dollops instead?!

  6. I feel ya here, I am 5'4" but I also have short legs. It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out that there was even a "petit" section and what that meant.
    I love old navy as much as the next person, that being said, I say go better and hem if you need to. More expensive jeans, hemmed to fit will not just last you longer, they will also fit you better all over and make you feel great. My favorite jeans aren't super pricey or anything, they are Levi's :) They are the perfect length, no hemming.

  7. I also measure in at 5'2" and I buy the short jeans at Old Navy. Once I wash them, they are usually a pretty decent length.

  8. Ok, I'll admit it. I'm LOVING the trend in longer jeans (from the person who spent most of her life in floods). But I do feel your pain. Cute fleece!


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