Google Dollops of Diane: A New Swimsuit from Free Country

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A New Swimsuit from Free Country

With swimsuit season fast approaching (groan), I couldn't pass up the opportunity to receive a new swimsuit from Free Country. Like most average women, swimsuit shopping is NOT something I look forward to. So I was a little nervous since I've never ordered a bathing suit online before. Usually, I drag myself to the store every few years and commit to a few hours of pain where I try on every suit in the store before I settle on one that is "good enough."

I hesitantly started perusing their online selection and was excited to see that they have lots of interchangeable options. You can mix and match the bottoms so as best to fit your shape/style. If you are in really good shape (and brave) they do have bikini tops but most are tankinis. I don't know about you but I wonder how people lived without tankinis for so long. Going to the bathroom in a one piece - um, no thank you. I also like that the tankinis actually cover your stomach. I hate bathing suits that pretend to be tankinis but stop so high up that they are nothing more than muffin top accentuate-rs.

So I decided to go with the Beach Bonfire Flyaway Tankini in Citrus-Cloud Grey with the Swim Brief in Cloud Grey-Aqua. I'm happy to report that I like them! The suit covers my belly, comes with removal pads (I'm a girl who needs pads!), and has adjustable straps. And here I am freshly back from the beach in my new suit...

Okay, okay maybe I was freshly out of the shower. But I left my hair damp to give you all the illusion that I could have just come from the beach. You totally thought I had, right? And maybe, my five year old daughter was asleep in her bed when I took these pictures but hey - this is the only full length mirror we have! Oh, and clearly I've lost my mind if I'm posting pictures of myself in a bathing suit online!

So if you're thinking of starting the dreaded task of swimsuit shopping, you should consider heading on over to Free Country. Purchasing a swimsuit online went much smoother than I thought it would. Free Country has different styles, shapes, and designs and all orders over $40 have free shipping. They also have a 30 day return policy if for any reason the suit you pick doesn't work for you.

*I received a complimentary swimsuit. As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. You look great! I have had the same suit for three years and it's just sad looking. I really dread swimsuit shopping, but it's time.

  2. it's super cute and you look great!

  3. You look smokin' hawt in that thing :)

  4. Love the suit & the readhead!

  5. Okay - that is simply not fair! Fresh out of the shower, no make-up, cellphone pic ... and just too cute. May I be you, please!?

    I have had the same suit for ... 20 years? Guess it's time to bite the bullet and go shopping. {Mommy! don't make me; I'll be good!}

    All silliness aside (well, except for the "May I be you?" part), I love that suit. The colors aren't really me, but the style is incredible.

  6. Diane, you look awesome! Nice suit! Wish I looked that good in a bathing suit. Hey, sign me up for that boot camp. Oh ya! Never. I'm still not even doing my 5 min. a night on the treadmill yet and I got new sneakers. What's wrong with me? Come over here and give me a kick in the ass to get me going!! :)


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