Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Daniel Through the Months

With Daniel being the third child, I was afraid that he would look back and see no pictures of himself (alone), an empty Baby Book, and wonder why he was the memory reject of the family. So when I saw my friend had this great idea to take a picture of her son each month, I totally copied it. In honor of Daniel turning eighteen months today, I bring you Daniel through the months. Please note, it is MUCH easier to take the pictures when they are smaller!

I had to tape the sign to his shirt and then let him play with the tape to get this shot today!


  1. I've been thinking that, starting tomorrow, I'll take a photo of my 4 kids together at the beginning of each month. It's so true that time just slips by...without photos! Eek. And might I add that you have a very handsome little boy!

  2. He is so cute and yes it is so much easier to take pictures when the are little. It is so hard to get shots of my 3 year old twin boys. They never sit still.

  3. Happy Birthday D! You get more handsome with every photo!
    By the way - love the new look of your site!


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