Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I Could Never

After reading in the Listen To Your Mother show last weekend, there was something I heard repeatedly from people - "I could never..." I could never share something so personal. I could never stand in front of all those people. I could never write something like that. I could never. I could never.

It's something we hear from people in different aspects of our life. It's something we probably say to others, too. Well I'm here to tell you (yes, YOU) that you can do it. You can do anything.

I'm a pretty average person. I'm okay at a lot of things and good at some. I don't have any superpowers. We are all pretty average yet we can do extraordinary things. We can do anything if we put our minds to it. You just need to believe in yourself and you can succeed at anything -and it always helps when you have others who believe in you, too.

There is something so empowering about setting a goal (big or small), working towards it, and completing it. It may not be easy but it might just be worth it.

Today is the beginning of anything you want. What are you going to do with it?
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