Sunday, April 13, 2014

World's Greatest Weekend?

We had one of those weekends that spring time dreams are made of. There was sunshine, smiles, and only limited tantrums. Friday's highlights were Isabelle being the Mystery Reader at Henry's school (read about that HERE!) and her scoring a goal at her soccer game that night. Isabelle really nailed it on Friday.

Saturday morning, Henry helped lead the town baseball parade with his fellow PeeWee teammates. He was SO excited to be in the parade!

Does it get any cuter?
Following the parade, Henry headed off to his first baseball practice of the season. Isabelle, Daniel, and I played on the playground before heading over to the town Common for the annual Easter egg hunt. Conveniently, Henry and Tim finished up practice just in time to head over and join us.

Isabelle and the Bunny pre-hunt!
Daniel came home with the most loot since he still gets to go in the one to three year old hunt. Nothing says bag full o' candy like a big three year old navigating through just learning to walk one year olds!

Daniel loving every minute
We finished up Saturday with a whole lot of outside time at home. The icing on the cake was that Tim and I got to escape for a night out at a friend's party as well. Seriously, could the day have been any more perfect?

Sunday morning we were up and out bright and early for church. The kids were making their debut performance in the church choir and were very excited. All three of them did a great job! As if that wasn't enough, the church had a "donkey" that led the procession to the church while the congregation followed singing with palm leaves. I say "donkey" because apparently they couldn't get a donkey so it was actually a miniature horse with fake ears on it - ha! I'm not going to lie, when I heard this was happening the just-switched-over-Catholic in me thought it was crazy but you know what? It was really cool. There's something powerful and inspiring about a community joining together like that.

From this distance that horse totally could have been a donkey!
So there you have it - another great day in the books. Now I'm looking forward to dinner out tonight with some of my favorite blogging friends. Woot woot!

Hope your weekend was as great as ours!
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