Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Seven Year Old's "To Do" List

Isabelle and I have this routine where she saves EVERYTHING and every couple of months I go in her room while she's at school and throw most of it away. She's so blinded by how nice and neat and organized her room is that she doesn't miss the random coloring sheets or scrap pieces of ribbon that she HAD to save.

The other day I was cleaning things out and I came across her "to do" list. I'm not going to lie, as an avid list maker, I smiled ear to ear when I saw it. Clearly, she inherited my Type A personality.


  1. Can your daughter talk to my daughter? I love her early list-making abilities!

  2. Oh my oldest and your daughter share the same name and do the same thing! We papers ALL over the house. Lists, schedules and to do lists. Part of it drives me crazy and the other part I totally love!

  3. Priceless! I almost spit when I read "brestfeast". That's the cutest thing ever. I have all boys and there are NO to-do lists in this house (except for mine!). I love how she's detailed every part of her day-even the obvious steps.

  4. Your mini-me! I love that she's learned, so early, how to be organized from her mama!


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