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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Last Kindergarten Registration

See that kid up there? I registered him today for Kindergarten. He's my last one. My last baby. My last little. 

Although, I'm partially excited to kick my biggest challenge out the door in September, like any mom I'm also partially worried. He's not only my youngest but he's young in general. He's a July 31st baby which means with a Sept 1st school cut off, he'll always be one of the youngest. With more and more people keeping summer babies home another year, I won't be surprised if he's actually the youngest in his class. 

I think he's ready though. He's seen his siblings do it. He's socially ready. He's physically ready. He's academically....somewhat ready. He's never been much into school work but I don't think that necessarily has much to do with his age. He's a boys boy. He'd rather run and play than sit and learn. Maybe it will come with age - maybe not. Either way, it's off to kindergarten he goes this fall!


  1. My baby, my last baby, goes off in September too. HOW did this happen. They are SO little!

  2. Registering Owie today. Can't believe it. Seriously cannot believe. I'm so glad I found his birth certificate. These summer boys make us crazy, don't they? They're ready. So ready!

  3. Good luck! I only have one so it is a different experience when firsts are also your lasts.

  4. I don't have to ever register my baby for Kindergarten, right? I just know I won't be ready ever!

  5. Look at that face! He'll always be your baby. It wasn't that long ago that my youngest went off to kindergarten. When they're the youngest of three they are absolutely ready. It is crazy how time flies.

  6. Oh my goodness! Time really does fly! I never really believed it when my kids were toddlers but now that they're 8 and 11 I wonder where in the world all the time went! My 8 year old's birthday is the end of July too so he's one of the young ones in his class but with an older sister, he was definitely ready for school as it sounds like your son will be! And don't worry about the academics...As a former first grade teacher, I have to say that all kids do just fine though sometimes it was worth reminding my parent self of that! :)


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