Monday, January 5, 2015

Sick Kids Are The Worst

For about the past three weeks, we've been in that funk of being hit with illness after illness. You know - strep throat, scarlet fever, conjunctivitis, ear infection, and a lovely cold/cough. Luckily, I haven't been able to complain too much because it honestly hasn't been THAT bad. Obviously, I'd love for everyone to be healthy but up until now we've been sick and over it pretty quickly and no one has been too bothered by any of it. Until now that is. Daniel has always been the one that gets hit the hardest. He was my constant ear infection kid which we eventually curbed with tubes. He's the kid that caused me to check out an Urgent Care clinic in Delaware and go on a goose chase of pharmacies for a nebulizer while on vacation. He's the kid who likes to go from a mild cough during the day to questioning if you should drive him to the ER because of his breathing at night. There's one in every bunch, right?
Cover up yo' germs
So this time we were celebrating New Year's Eve at a friend's house and at some point during the night I heard him start coughing from the other room. It was the first cough he had had - by the next day he was a coughing/wheezing mess. So since then he's been pretty much attached to his nebulizer and using his steroid inhaler. I had him at the doctor on Friday and the message was to just keep doing what we were doing. Over the weekend he was okay - not great -not good - but okay. This morning he was up at 5am coughing and complaining of an earache. After another visit to the doctor today, he's on increased meds and an antibiotic for an ear infection. The good news is there's no pneumonia - just a chest full of congestion and wheezes. The other good news is that the antibiotic for the ears should fend off any other infections that try to form.

Breathing treatments, anyone?
Overall, he's feeling pretty good today and got in a nice nap which always helps. So once again, I'm hopeful that today's medicine and a day of rest will make him better tomorrow. I hate seeing him not himself and I HATE that it's his lungs. I'm also hoping that tonight is the last night that I need to give him his nebulizer during the night. He is able to sleep right through it which is great for him but it's definitely interfering with my beauty sleep. 

Oh, and unrelated, today is day one of a two week no sugar/no alcohol challenge that I'm doing with a friend. Poor timing for sure!
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