Friday, March 6, 2015

Five Picture Friday: Week 4

Like every Friday (except for last week when I totally skipped it!), I'm showing off the last 5 pictures from my phone's camera roll. Happy Friday, y'all!

Picture #1: Daniel Bowling 

Daniel and I headed out for some bowling fun while the big kids were at school this week. We capped off our morning out with a little lunch date at Panera. I feel like the days are fading fast that I'll be able to do stuff like this with him since he'll start full day kindergarten in the fall. Oh, and I'd like to say that I beat him by more than just 3 points while BUMPER bowling but that would be a lie.

His style is throw the ball, sit back, and watch the magic happen
Picture #2: Daniel whipping up some guacamole

Daniel LOVES guacamole which is funny since he basically hates every other food on the planet. Here he is helping to make some while we waited for the kids to get off the bus.
Mr. Guac
Picture #3: Henry and his lost tooth
Henry lost his 5th tooth on Wednesday. He went to bed the night before with it really wiggly so we knew it would be coming out soon. He was so excited that he woke up at 4:20am that morning in anticipation of the big day. He gave it its final tug at school so he got to go to the nurse and then wear it around his neck in a little tooth container for the rest of the day. Not creepy at all, right?

You can't actually see the lost tooth in this picture - details, details.
Picture #4: Daniel

Sometimes I look at Daniel and just marvel at how cute and amazing he is. Now I say sometimes, because he's always been my most challenging child. Shortly after this photo was taken he screamed for a solid 25 minutes about the injustices in his four year old life. In this picture though? He's perfect.
Picture #5: Lot O' Vitamin C

I've been going through the mom stages of a cold this week. Stage 1: Denial. No, my ear isn't hurting. I don't care that all the kids in the house have a cold. I do NOT have a cold. I'm just sneezing from allergies. I do NOT have a cold. Stage 2: Acceptance. Okay, okay, maybe I have a LITTLE cold. It won't stop me from living my life. I've got stuff to do! Stage 3: Reality. I'm sick. This is not a minor cold. I'm a sneezing, blowing my nose, sore throat mess. Stage 4: Recovery. I'm on the mend but not feeling as fabulous as I would like. Tomorrow though, TOMORROW is the day I will be ALL better (Back to stage 1?).
This might as well be a placebo but it makes me feel like I'm doing something
Hope everyone has a happy and healthy weekend!
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