Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ships A Hoy: Indoor Water Sprayground! (Norwood, MA)

Daniel and I headed out this morning to meet some friends at Ships A Hoy located inside Rama Athletic Club in Norwood, MA. One of my friend's son had attended a birthday party there but beyond that no one else, including me, had ever heard of it. Let me tell you - you want to know about this place!

Oh.My.God. Maybe it's just the fact that Daniel was able to have water fun after this horrible winter but man was it A-mazing. How did I not know about this place? How has this been kept such a secret? Besides our group there were only 4 other kids there. Daniel played for hours and had a total blast. Locals, you should totally check it out!

Things to know about Ships A Hoy:

  • Open 7 days a week at 920 Washington Street, Norwood:
8am-12pm Monday - Friday
4pm-8pm Monday - Thursday
5pm-8pm Friday
8am- 12pm Saturday and Sunday
  • Cost is $10 per child (credit cards accepted)
  • Grown ups don't need to wear bathing suits(!!). You can just hang out along the side and watch the magic happen. I wore sneakers and it was fine but you might be better off in flip flops or rainboots (especially if your children are younger and you need to help them in the park)
  • It's warm inside the splashpark. The temp is great for kids in the water but grown ups should dress appropriately for the warmer climate. I'd definitely suggest short sleeves.
  •  Towels are provided
  • There are two changing stalls located within the splashpark
  • There's a small kid table inside the splashpark where some kids sat to have snack
  •  They host birthday parties! Call the club at 781-349-8580 for rates and availability
 *Daniel and I paid for our visit today, enjoyed it, and are sharing with you. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Diane did you bring your own water toys?

    1. They had beach balls, buckets,and watering cans there to use. There were plenty for us when we were there but it wasn't crowded at all. If you littles love water toys you could always pack a few of your own just to make sure they had enough!

  2. Great fun for 5 and under really
    exextremely hot for adults
    ask staff to open sliders and stand by open window if not you will sweat

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  5. I want to go today but why are the hours 8 to 12 on weekend.? That seems crazy to me

  6. I want to go today but why are the hours 8 to 12 on weekend.? That seems crazy to me

    1. Check out the Rama Athketucs website. They close at noon on weekends, because the afternoon is reserved for birthday parties.

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