Friday, March 13, 2015

Five Picture Friday: Week 5

It's Friday so it must be time for some pictures! Here are the last five pictures from my phone's camera roll. Enjoy!

Picture #1: Dragon Armed Henry

Henry was wearing these puppets on his hands non stop earlier this week. The night before this picture, he had gone to bed with them on and then came down the next morning still wearing them. They even helped him eat his breakfast (Note to self: Wash the puppets).

Picture #2: Basement Clean Up

We had a gorgeous day this week where temps were around 50 degrees. The break from the cold and wintry weather we've had was so very welcome. However, the mountains of snow only have so many places to melt so some of it joined our basement. It's unfinished though so more of a pain in the butt than a major inconvenience. Luckily, I had a helper with the wet vac.

Picture #3: More Cleaning

Yesterday morning I decided to clean the living room which turned into a hard core, crazy clean. First I was going to vacuum. Then I realized I hadn't cleaned under the couches in while. Once I got the toys out, I realized how dusty it was under them. So then I swept under the couches. Doing that revealed the floors were still dirty, so then I moved EVERY piece of furniture in the room so I could fully mop the floors. Once you do that you realize how dirty the base boards are...and the list goes on, and on. Luckily, my helper was available this day as well.

Picture #4: Delicious Cookies

This morning, I met some friends at Brothers Marketplace (if you missed my previous post about how awesome it is there, check it out HERE) to chat over food and coffee. These are the glorious things I sometimes get to do on mornings when all kids are in school! Anywho, I saw these Crispy Caramel Salted Cookies and I thought my husband would like them so I bought them. I then proceeded to share them with my friends and eat a couple myself. At this point, Tim will be lucky if there's one left for him when he gets home. They are crisp and delicious with little bits of heaven mixed in.
Picture #5: New Storage Containers

I arrived home this afternoon to find a package at my door from UncommonGoods which contained goodies including these food storage containers. I am super excited to try to get some organization to our out of control tupperware and missing lids situation that we've got going on here.

There you go, folks, another week in the books! Have a great weekend!

*Disclaimer: I am partnering with UncommonGoods as part of an upcoming post. Be sure to check back in the near future to see my review of the Nest Storage System and to see what other cool item I received!
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