Monday, June 1, 2015

A Kid-Free Night Away

My husband and I spent Saturday night alone in Boston without the children. This is HUGE for us. Isabelle is seven and a half and we've only been away together overnight once since she was born. Our youngest is almost five and he's never been away from us. Now please note, I would drop those kids off somewhere in a hot second if we had the chance. We just don't really get the chance. Both of my parents have passed away so clearly they are not babysitting. Although, Tim comes from a large family, we are the only ones who live in Massachusetts. So before you know it, years and years have passed and you are DYING to get away. With our anniversary coming up this week, I thought it would be a great time to pressure ask my brother if he and his wife could watch them for the night. They said yes and the rest is history.

Tim and I started off by checking into our room at The Omni Parker House in Boston. Everyone there was so nice - the valet, the doormen, the front desk staff. We had one small duffel bag (no extra luggage needed when you have no kids!) and Tim must have been asked by four different people if they could help him carry it. We then went to our room which was a king suite which was so awesome. It's amazing how big those hotel rooms feel when you're not jamming five people into them! We then headed out and did whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted for the next 24 hours. We walked part of The Freedom Trail, had dinner in the North End, walked through Boston Common, had drinks in the Theatre District, had drinks in the hotel bar, walked through Downtown Crossing, used the hotel gym, I ate frozen yogurt in my pajamas, and the list goes on and on. That's anther thing when you don't have kids - you can walk SO much and not hear any complaints. It's magical. We had beautiful weather, the hotel was in a perfect location, and it was so nice to unwind and reconnect.

Smiles don't lie
While Tim and I were off living the dream, the kids had an equally awesome time at my brother and sister in law's house. They had pizza, cupcakes, ice cream, munchkins, played outside, and watched TV. What's not to love?

Slip and Slide Heaven
This weekend was definitely good for the soul and a great way to celebrate the (soon to be) nine years since Tim and I walked down the aisle and started our forever together!

*This post is not sponsored. We paid for everything that we enjoyed and I'm simply sharing the details with you.
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