Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How to Easily Clean Out a Sticky Jar

We are big recyclers in our house but there are a few items that I just couldn't bring myself to wash out. Mainly, the peanut butter jars...

Now we go through A LOT of peanut butter in this house. It may have to do with my unhealthy obsession of eating spoonful upon spoonful of it with no sense of self conrtol. Either way, my issue is peanut butter, you might have a mayo jar issue or something similar that you hate to clean out. Well a friend recently told me how she cleans hers for recycling so I gave it a try. Guess what? It's SO easy, works like a charm, and makes me not feel bad about throwing away the jars anymore. This is how you do it:

Step 1: Eat as much peanut butter as you can from the jar.

Step 2: Fill the jar half way with warm water, add a drop off dish soap, replace cover, and SHAKE.

Shake what your mamma gave you
Step 3: Set it down, out of the way on your counter and leave overnight (or approx 6-8 hours)

Step 4: Pick up the jar, shake again, then set down upside down. Leave it for another 6-8 hours.

Step 5: Shake, empty, and give a quick rinse to get rid of the bubbles.

Voila! You have a totally clean jar without ever getting sticky or having to do any scrubbing. 

So overall it is a two day process but it is so easy and is a win for the environment. So next time you have an icky, sticky container that you need to clean, give it a try!
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