Monday, July 31, 2017

Happy 7th Birthday, Daniel!

Today, Daniel turns seven! He continues to be loud, silly, and active from sun up to sun down. He loves to be outside and play with any ball that he can find. Many days (especially with us all home over the summer) I wish I could extinguish the fire that burns inside of him JUST A LITTLE but I haven't found a way yet :)

He picked out his own cake at the store yesterday. It tasted as amazing as it looks!
Each year, I ask my kids the same questions on their birthdays - We love to see how the answers change and stay the same. Here are his answers this year:

Daniel's 7th Birthday - 7/31/17
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Show: Dude Perfect on YouTube
Favorite Thing to Do Inside: Play with fidget spinners
Favorite Thing to Do Outside: Play frisbee
Favorite Snack: Cheddar Chex Mix
Favorite Meal: Tacos
Favorite Thing to Do with Dadda: Go fishing
Favorite Thing to Do with Mamma: Bake
Favorite Thing to Do as a Family: Go camping
When I Grow Up I Want to be: A baker
If I had lots of money: I would buy a Nintendo 3DS

Have some time to kill and want to spend your day paying homage to D? You can check out his birth story HERE, see his first year in pictures HERE, see his 4 year old answers HERE, his 5 year old answers HERE, and his 6 year old answers HERE.

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